5 Reasons to Spend Summer Quarter at Green River College

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer. My name is Sharon and I would be the one blogging on this site for now.

As for Nita, our previous blogger, she successfully transferred into a University, so Nita, if you’re reading this, we will miss you!

Now, the reason you clicked on this article, here are five reasons to spend summer quarter at Green River College:

  1. No classes on Fridays

Tired of having daily classes? Well in summer quarter, you can have a three days weekend! With the beautiful weather outside, you can do lots of things from swimming in lake Meridian until taking a stroll around Lea hill park.

2. Celebrate the Fourth of July in America

When you smell barbecues and fireworks in the air, it is usually the smell of Fourth of July. Join the Americans as they celebrate their independence day with a lot of fun and great food for the whole day!


3. Commuting is easier

For returning GRC students who owns a car and does not have an early class, you know the struggle of finding the closest parking spot possible to your class. During summer quarter, you do not have to worry about it. There are plenty parking spaces for everyone. For those who goes to school by bus, you will be able to sit down on the way to school, and when you go back home.

4. Rain is MIA

Yes, you read that right. Rain is nowhere to be seen at this time (and hopefully it stays that way for a while). So you can stash that raincoat away for now and get you shorts, sunscreens and sunglasses out!

5. One month holiday after the quarter

By the end of summer quarter, you can still have a vacation! You deserve a break after all that studying, so treat yourself and have lots of fun!


That’s all for now, hope you all enjoy my first post and have a fantastic summer!


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