Highlights of April 2017

Another month has passed, and I only have six weeks left at Green River College. I really want to spent my last moment with precious memories so I went to several events this month, and I’m going wrap them in one post.

1. Kayaking in Seattle
Other than going to space needle to see the beautiful scenery of Seattle, I found another alternative that is equally unforgettable: kayaking near the Alki Beach, Seattle. The view was very enchanting, and you can see the buildings and also Seattle Needle. I took a picture of the price list for you guys. If you are scared of water, this company also offer bikes, skateboards, guided tours, and much more. It is definitely one of the things you should try in Seattle. I would love to do it again.DSCF4335

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2. Stan’s Overlook Hiking

A week after my kayaking trip, I went to a hiking trip located at Stan’s Overlook. This is probably the most exhausting hiking trip I have ever done. Tiring enough to replace five days of leg day. Sadly the weather was not very supportive. It was drizzling, and the wind was pretty cold. Stan’s Overlook is the first viewpoint of Rattlesnake mountain, and from here you can see the Mount Si. I would recommend going to Rattlesnake Ledge Trail instead. It’s a 6.6 miles hike, but the view is incomparable . I didn’t record videos during this trip because my camera is not waterproof and the view was not good either. So I will let you watch my video during the Rattlesnake Ledge Hike. Click here!

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Keraton is an Indonesian festival that is held annually by the Indonesian organization in the University of Washington. It is an event where you can experience Indonesian cultures through its cuisines, music, games, and other activities. Sadly, this year’s Keraton was a bit distracted by rain. The good side is that I got free extra soup on my dish. If you guys are interested in knowing Indonesian cultures or you are just looking for fantastic dishes, Keraton is definitely an event you should go to. Here are some pictures from Keraton 2016 because the weather was better.


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