6 Things Green River College Students are Familiar with

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about six things Green River College students are familiar with. This list is based on my observation, and with my poor observation skills, this list might not apply to you. So here we go!

1. Rain and more rain
All GRC students know how it feels to live in the Washington State. We live in a place where the sun shines twice a week. People stop using umbrellas because they realized that the rain comes from every direction and umbrellas won’t really help. 1

2. Go to Lunch Bytes to get free lunch
We all know that lunch always tastes better when it’s free. GRC students always know how to save their stomach from starvation while receiving useful information from our advisors. Lunch Bytes is a great event held to discuss important topics such as personal statement, transferring, personal finance, etc. Great job, Gators! See you on the next Lunch Bytes!2

3. Library = Nap Time
Holman Library has always been our second student union building.There are lots of useful resources in the library, computers, books, tutoring center, and also comfortable sofas. Sometimes it gets too comfortable that people don’t want to get up and decided to sleep for hours there.3

4. Saying Teriyaki Wok instead of Ringo Wok
Ringo Wok is a Japanese/ Chinese/ a-bit-Korean restaurant located about 8 minutes walking from school. A lot of students go there since it is the nearest restaurant around. The funny part is that a lot of students know this restaurant as Teriyaki Wok or T-Wok. (well it’s not that funny) The actual name of this restaurant is Ringo Wok but perhaps because the logo is too small, people started to call it teriyaki wok. 4

5. F’Real is lyfe
If you don’t know what F’Real is, go to the bookstore and check out the beverage section. You will find a holy fridge full of milkshakes. This product is an absolute blessing for GRC students. You can choose one of the flavors and customize the thickness of your milkshake. It is super refreshing and convenient. Try one!


6. Wake up 10 minutes before class? No worries. *CCA residents only.
CCA or Campus Corner Apartments is only steps away from the campus. Students who live in CCA know how great it is to wake up at 8.45 am while having a 9 am class without having a mini heart attack.6

That’s all for today and I hope you guys enjoy this blog :)


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