First Week of Spring Quarter

Hello guys! How did your first week of school go? I actually expect my last quarter to be super chill, but it turns out to be the opposite. My earliest class starts at 8 am, and it is a threat to my relationship with my bed. I am taking three classes for this quarter, one of them is a General Chemistry with Lab course. The title of my chemistry class doesn’t really represent the actual class. As it says “general,” I expect it to be a basic course but my first chemistry lab was a massive chaos. I said “huh?” and “what?” for approximately 30 times during my experiment, and it was still failing. Well.. I guess that’s why I’m studying business.

I feel both sad and excited about Spring quarter. Spring has always been the best quarter in every academic year. The weather is nice, and we have a lot of events coming up on campus. Check our website if you want and sign up for our exciting activities here We are also going to have a bunch of job opening. So if you are looking for extra pocket money, this is a right time to apply for some job positions! Spring is going to be fun for sure but at the same time, spring quarter will be the last quarter for most of the students. After this quarter, we are going to make a new journey in another place. So let’s enjoy this quarter and fill it with a bunch of memories before we leave. Best luck for you guys :) 


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