I Lost my Phone in Boston

Hey guys! Winter quarter has just over, and it’s the time for us to get some air. I’m writing this blog in Boston, Massachusetts during my Spring break. This trip was super unplanned. I got the idea to come here when I was reflecting in the bathroom (yes, a bathroom is a place to make important decisions) and I bought the ticket one week before the departure. I decided to visit my close friends who used to study at Green River College and some other friends from my middle school and high school. With a very minimum preparation, I packed my clothes and my TI calculator and went to the airport. I did my last statistics homework in the airport while waiting for my flight. People were staring at me, thinking I was making a space shuttle. I boarded the plane and sat between two guys for about six hours, nd I had to squeeze myself to avoid awkward physical contacts. It was 9 am when I landed in Boston, and my friend Dinda was already there to pick me up.

My first day in Boston started with me sleeping on Dinda’s couch. I only slept for 3-4 hours during finals week, so I had to recharge my energy. Since she had classes that week, she let me stay in her apartment and gave me the spare key. I woke up at 4 pm and had dinner and bubble tea with her at a Chinese restaurant. Then we went back home to watch a movie. Hours passed, and I started to realize that my phone was nowhere to be seen. I searched for it in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, and I still couldn’t find it. I tried to call my phone, but it was off. I tried to call the bubble tea store just in case if I dropped it there, but nobody saw it. I came to the conclusion that I lost it somewhere on the street, which means I have fewer chances to get my phone, debit card, and student ID back. To make it more dramatic, I only had $40 of cash for the whole week. Knowing that I didn’t know what to do, I was only smiling and staring at the wall, waiting for a miracle to happen. After hours of waiting, Dinda saw somebody tried to contact our WhatsApp group through my phone, but nobody gave a quick response because they think it was a joke. I felt a little relieved knowing that a person who found it tried to return my phone.

The next morning, I went to his house to pick up my phone. I’m glad that a nice couple found my phone. They didn’t ask anything in return. I just hope that their kindness will be paid in the future. This experience has changed my perception towards Bostonians. I fell in love with this city because of this incident, and despite all the panics I had, I’m pretty glad to have this experience. So readers, always remember that one kindness might change a person’s life. Start be kind to one another!


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