Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Hey guys! Are you enjoying the unexpected snow this week? Cause I am :D  It was Sunday night when it started to snow heavily. My friends and I were laying on the sofa, waiting for a confirmation email from the school that we won’t have classes on Monday. I woke up the next day at 8 AM and checked an email from campus, and as we expected, school is closed due to snow.  I think I shouldn’t say how happy I was, but yes it felt so good to skip Monday #honestcollegestudent  :p  GIF1.gif

I got up from my bed and went to the living room, and for a second I thought I was in heaven. “WOOOH” was the first word that came out from my mouth. I was fascinated both by the view of the snow and the fact that I won’t have power for the next 13 hours. Unlike the previous years, this year’s snow is legit. It didn’t melt after an hour. I decided to go outside and take a look at the surroundings. At first, I wanted to take a walk in the campus and take some pictures, but unfortunately, the entrance was blocked by the school safety. So my friend, Kelvin, who apparently loves challenges, driving, and driving with challenges, drove me to a park nearby.


After several minutes wondering around, we picked up another friend, Yahya, and headed to the trail. Halfway there, we saw a car slipped in the snow, so we helped them to push that car. (and by we, it means Yahya and Kelvin, I was cheering them from a distance). We didn’t make it to the trail because we barely felt our legs, so we went back home.

The campus was also closed on Tuesday until 5 PM. I decided to go to the school gym with my friend Dea, and spend the rest of my day in the library and did calculus homework :’) The school was finally open on Wednesday. Here are a couple of awesome pictures that Yahya took with his phone. That is all for today, see you on the next blog!





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