Chinese New Year Celebration at Green River College

新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I hope you guys had a good time with your family and friends. As Chinese-Indonesian, Lunar New Year is a big thing in my family. It is the time for us to gather with our loved ones. This year will be the second time I spend Chinese New Year in the US, and amazingly, it does feel as festive as back home. 


Green River College always has a way to welcome us, international students. Last Friday, we just had a Lunar New Year Party, which is an annual celebration held by the awesome Student Life. Not only used as a platform for the students to practice their culture, but this event also meant to introduce Lunar New Year to the students who don’t celebrate it.

This year, we had performances from several clubs, casino games, food bar, photo booth, and last but not least… DANCE PARTY! The party lasted for about 4 hours, but it wasn’t even enough for me. Check my video to see the highlight of our Lunar New Year Party. I hope you guys had a great day as well! And until then, see you on my next blog!


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