A Visit to the Largest Aerospace Company – The Boeing Company

Hellooo cool people! I apologize for not posting any blog for the last two weeks. My midterm schedule was hectic; I got a project to make a 12.000 words journal for my English class, and it took me a long time to finish it.

Anyways, for those of you who adore airplanes and aviation, I’m going to tell you about the best trip you could do in Washington State: A TRIP TO BOEING COMPANY!!!

On Saturday November 12th, I went to the Boeing Factory in Everett.  It was a 2 hours trip to go from Auburn to Everett.  To be honest, I used to have zero interest in airplanes. The only think I’m interested in an aircraft was the meal they provide.  But this trip changed my mind. 

The first thing you can do there is to visit the Future of Flight Aviation Center. There you can see some airplane prototypes, machines, and the replica of plane’s interior and other kinds of stuff. You can also go to the gift shop near the museum to get some Boeing souvenirs.  Next, you have the opportunity to go to the factory. This is the most exciting part of this trip. In this factory, you will be accompanied by a professional tour guide. He will show and explain you how they build the real airplane, how they paint it, and how they merge the parts of the airplane. The factory was so big that we had to use a bus from the museum to the factory.


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 Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bring a camera or cell phone because they have to keep the company’s secret. Sounds so mysterious right? I was really excited when I saw a giant room full of equipment, huge pulleys, some under-construction parts of the airplane that were about to be attached. You would see everything that is happening in the factory from the third floor, and it was unbelievable, even my English skill isn’t good enough to express my astonishment. So my advice for you guys, if you are currently studying in Washington State, or planning to visit this state, make sure to come to the Boeing Factory. It was a jaw-dropping experience for me, and I’m sure it would be a memorable experience for you as well.

I also took some videos in the Future of Flight Museum, check it out!


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