University Transfer

Hello guys!

So it’s me again, Adysti, who recently wrote the blogpost titled “Spring Break”. If you have not read it, you may click here. As I have mentioned in that post, I am currently taking my last quarter at Green River College. Yup, it is saddening and exciting at the same time. It breaks my heart to think about bidding farewell to my friends and my favorite instructors at Green River in just a few months. However, the promise of a brand new start and adventure in university is somehow thrilling. I am excited to meet new friends and explore new places.

So anyways, a few days ago, right when I got out of the shower, I was randomly checking the status of all the universities that I applied to transfer. So first, I logged in to the student portal websites of several universities that I have applied to to check my application status. For some universities, I was upset to see that they are still missing my winter college transcript and a course evaluation of the Physics Classes that I took at Green River College. I realized that I took more advanced Physics classes than the ones required by these universities. Hence, they require me to submit course descriptions of the Physics classes here so that they can decide whether or not the classes are transferable. It was upsetting because then my admission decisions will be further postponed. Lastly, I checked my application to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. I logged in and waited for the web page to load. In a split second,the screen went orange. It was completely out of expectation. I read through the large fonts on top of the orange background  “Pande Putu Kardi, You’re an Illini!” It took me five seconds to realize the great news before me. I GOT IN! I jumped out of my bed as I srcreamed with excitement, completely forgetting the fact that it was 2 a.m. in the morning. I was feeling beyond happy. I quickly took a screen shot and sent it to my parents.

The next morning, I showed up to campus only to find 3 of my friends getting the same great news like I did. We were all so happy that we might end up going to the same university.Well, I’m still waiting for the decisions of other universities that I applied to so that I can make my final decision. So, stay tuned ;)


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