Spring Quarter

Welcome back to campus to all current students and new students! Spring quarter officially started this Monday. The sun has been out during the first 3 days of the quarter which is a really good sign of a brand new start. Let us all hope that the upcoming spring days will be as lovely as today. Spring quarter marks the second year that I have been studying at Green River College. The blooming flowers, the mild breeze, all of these things pull a vivid memory to when I first stepped on the grounds of Green River Campus exactly two years ago. I remember the 16 year old me overwhelmed with nervousness to study thousand miles away from my home, Indonesia, during the Spring of 2014. Looking back, I am proud that I have went through the struggles of being a new student, the homesick, the late night studying and every other thing that have given me tons of worthwhile life experiences. I am grateful to see the self transformation that I have been through while studying abroad. I became more independent and confident of myself.

Anyways, two years ago I moved here before graduating from  my old high school in Indonesia. I took the High School Completion Program to earn a Washington High School Diploma. So basically, this program allows me to complete High School and the first 2 years of college at the same time. I chose to leave my old high school because I know that Green River College is the stepping stone to reach my childhood dream of going into a top university in the United States. Additionally, this program allows me to graduate 2 years earlier than my peers in Indonesia so that I can save time and money. Furthermore, starting at a small college, such as  Green River, rather than jumping right away to a big university has been an excellent process of cultural adaptation from living in Indonesia to the US. Since GRC is relatively small, staff at the college’s International Program knows the students deeply in person. This ensures intensive care and adequate attention on each student in this program. Unlike in a big university, students are more self-reliant.

During my time at Green River College, I also made lots of friends from around the world. I also joined clubs and got hired in two jobs, Student Marketing Assistant and Math Tutor. One of the clubs that I am a part of is the Indonesian Student Organization. It is a really fun Indonesian community where we gather in student events and socialize as groups of people of the same nationality. Another club that I am a member of is the GRC Volunteering Outreach Club. I personally love volunteering which was why I decided to join this club. This club channel students at Green River College to volunteering opportunities available around the area.

This past two years at Green River College have equipped me with plenty of experiences that prepared me well mentally and academically for the next great adventure… University transfer! Currently, I am waiting for the decisions to be posted by late April. Stay tuned to find out where will I transfer! ;)


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