Finals Week

Hello Gator Peeps!

Winter quarter is ending soon. I couldn’t wait til Spring Break and I bet everyone does too. However, we’ve got one more tough week to get through, yup, Finals Week. Since the weather is not friendly this past week, make sure to pay good attention on your health so you wouldn’t have to take your finals with runny nose or severe cough.

Anyways, the Holman Library will be open til midnight this weekend. Woohoo! Isn’t it great? Now you can study all night long with your buddies. Based on my personal experiences, it really helps to study in a study group. Since you’ll have many people to discuss with, less time will be wasted questioning things that you don’t understand.

Moreover, I highly recommend you to check out the new Student Union building. In the past few weeks, I found that the new building is a very comfortable place to study. I usually hung out by the Cafe where the bar tables and high chairs are located. Additionally, the Cafe sells RedBull Energy Drinks, which I recommend you to take if you want to stay up longer.At SU, you may also want to study while relaxing on the cozy bean bags that are located by the stairs. I find this building my new favorite spot to study since I can buy snacks and do sports at the gym when I need  to refresh my mind.

Well, have a great study week guys! Study hard and finish strong!!






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