Leavenworth Trip 2015

leavenworth-2015One of the greatest perks of being a Green River student is, of course, the abundance of activities that the college offers. Last Saturday, the college accommodated the students to visit the famous Bavarian Village in Washington, Leavenworth, to attend its annual Christmas lighting festival. The town was covered with a blanket of snow as it was snowing throughout the day, which makes the scene tremendously magical. We arrived at 10.30 a.m in the morning. Like everyone else, my friends and I were all waiting for the peak of the festival which is the Christmas lighting of the town itself. While we waited, we had lunch at one of the best German style hot dog restaurant in Washington and visited authentic shops selling Christmas related goods during the afternoon. There were lots of booths selling delicious Christmas signature foods and beautiful Christmas carols roaming by the road. There were people dressing up as snowmen, elves and  even as Santa Claus. Everything was so magical. Finally, at 5.30 pm, the peak of the festival was on. Well, here is a sneak peek of the lighting festival for those of you who missed the fun ;) Enjoy!



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