University Of California Application


Hello guys! How are your classes so far? I bet everyone notice the drop in temperature in the past few days. Waking up in the morning is probably the hardest thing to do when your blankets are warm and cozy but guess what? It’s only two weeks from winter break and 25 days till Christmas!!! Anyways, to all of you who are applying to University of California, I understand that it has been a month of anxiety to finish the two questions that probably haunted your dreams in the past few weeks, “what’s your intended major..” and “personal quality” prompts that the UC requires for admission or a.k.a. the personal statement. Anyhow, today is the last day of the nerve wrecking misery because it’s the the last day to click on that “submit my application” button and you are free to breathe a sigh of relief. However, you’ll have to wait for another 4 months until you will be notified whether or not the university will admit you. But hey, at least you have tackled the hardest part of the admission process, right? So wrap up those final stellar essays whether you started it a month ago, last week, or last night. I personally have submitted mine one day after Thanks Giving for the sake of a peace of mind. Don’t wait till too late to submit them, guys! May the odds be in your favor ;)


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