Halloween at Green River College


Believe it or not it’s approaching the end of October already! Time surely flies, huh? You must have noticed that the temperature is sinking down gradually as the rainy season begins to take its toll. October went pretty fast but don’t be sad because the highlight of this special month that everyone has been waiting for is here! It is, of course, no other but the spirit of Halloween. The only day where you can express yourselves by dressing up as your favorite heroes, cartoon characters, your favorite evil spirit or even as odd as dressing up as food. Hold on, food?! Yep, speaking about food, faculties from Green River’s Math Department showed up in campus yesterday morning wearing the most epic costumes that I have ever seen. YES, they decided to dress up into sweets! They LITERALLY PUT ON GIGANTIC SWEETS COSTUMES to campus. Yesterday was probably the special day where students get to see the “other” side of their stereotypical-serious-looking calculus professors unequipped with calculators but with candies and chocolates instead. So here’s a peek of our amazing professors in action!


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