Fall Activities You Should Not Miss!

Greetings Gators!

Here are the lists of activities offered this quarter that you should definitely not miss..

1. Beauty and The Beast at Seattle’s Paramount Theater


Photo Source: www.komonews.com

Watch one of the best Broadway Musical, The Beauty and The Beast, live at Seattle’s Paramount Theater on Friday 11th of December. Transportation will be provided and if you are a Green River student, you only have to pay a discounted price of $45.00 ! Non-students will be charged $75.00. Great deal isn’t it? Don’t miss this opportunity!

2. Boeing Future of Flight Museum and Tour


Photo source: www.roadtripamerica.com


Photo source: http://www.expedia.com

What’s one of the greatest advantage of studying in Seattle area? Of course, being only several miles away from one of the world’s greatest aircraft company, BOEING! Here you can see the amazing process of building BOEING aircrafts along with a guided tour of the manufacturing ground. As a part of the annual trips held by Green River College, this year the trip will be held on Saturday the 21st of November. Transportation will be provided and the fee is only $10.00 for Green River Students an $22.00 for non students!

3. Thunderbirds Hockey Game at ShoWare Centre Kent


Photo source: https://www.djc.com/news/ae/pom.html?action=get&id=12036476&printmode=true

Join the fun watching Seattle Thunderbirds in action on ice! The game will be held in ShoWare Centre near Kent Station on Saturday the 28th of November.The Seattle Thunderbirds are a junior ice hockey team based in the city of Kent. They are part of the U.S. Division of the Western Hockey League. Transportation will be provided and tickets are priced for only $10.00 for Green River Students and $20.00 for non-students.

4. Leavenworth Lighting Festival


Photo Source: http://www.komonews.com


Photo Source: www.iciclevillage.com


Photo Source: http://www.leavenworth.org


This is personally one of my most favorite event of the year. The bottom picture is a picture of several GRC friends and I during last year’s Lighting Festival. It was so much fun! We explored the beautiful town, ate super delicious German style hot dogs, and watched fireworks along with the lighting festival.

Leavenworth is a small Bavarian village located near Seattle. Every year, Leavenworth never failed to impress Washingtonians with its Lighting Festival, which is held a few weeks before Christmas. This place is a true escape from big city hustle and bustle where families and friends relax and enjoy their quality time amidst the magical white Christmas. This trip will be held on Saturday the 5th of December. Green River Students will be charged $20.00 while non students will be charged $30.00 in return for a splendid evening that you will not regret!

4. Riverdance at Paramount Theater


Photo Source: http://seattle.broadway.com/

Another of Paramount’s incredible show, Riverdance, will be held at Seattle’s Paramount Theater on Sunday the 1st of November. Riverdance is an Irish dance show that surely will leave you amazed. Don’t miss this beautiful masterpiece! Transportation and tickets will be $35.00 for Green River students and $65.00 for non students. Book yours now!

5. Room Escape Adventures


Photo Source: http://www.roomescapeadventures.com

This is a fun challenge where you will have 60 minutes to escape from a room where a zombie is chained to its wall. You will have to work with numerous clues and solve riddles with 11 others in the room in order to obtain the hidden key. If you buy tickets online, it will cost you $28.00. Good news!  Perks of being a Green River Student, you will only be charged for $15.00 for tickets AND transportation. Non students will be charged $35.00. This activity will be held on Saturday the 7th of November.

6. Pumpkin Picking at Spooner Farms

Halloween is only a month to go! Remember Jack-O-Lantern? Yup, he is the famous Halloween pumpkin. Pumpkins are one of the main highlights of Halloween. To celebrate the upcoming Halloween, Green River College offers students a pumpkin picking trip to Spooner Farms. Pick your own pumpkin at Spooner Farms and join the fun pumpkin carving activity at campus after the trip. The trip will cost $10.00 for Green River students and $30.00 for non students. It will be held on Saturday the 17th of October.


Photo Source: http://www.spoonerberries.com

Photo Source: www.vwmin.org

For all activities listed above, you may sign up by clicking on this link below:

Click Here to SIGN UP

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