Summer Break to Los Angeles

Spring quarter has ended and it’s time for Summer break! What did you guys do during Summer break? Did you have fun with your friends? Hopefully yes.

Summer break has never been this great! I went to Los Angeles for five days with my GRCC friends. For those who feel that Spring quarter has been really cold, it’s fun to have a summer break in LA because of the hot and humid weather. Also, it’s good to go to other city and have fun while we are still young.

On our first day in LA, we went to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach. Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive city in Los Angeles, many actors and celebrities lived in that area. On our way, we met one grandma, she was really nice that she gave us a short tour of Beverly Hills. We went to Sugarfina and Ice cream lab, which we could only find it in Beverly Hills. We also went to Santa Monica Beach, one of the most famous beach located in West Los Angeles. We didn’t spent too much time there because the wind was too strong that we all felt cold. We wore short pants instead of long pants because it’s really hot in the afternoon but it’s cold in the evening and night.

Beverly Hills Sign and Santa Monica Beach

To even complete our holiday, we went to three different theme parks for three consecutive days. Our first theme park was Universal Studio, the second one was Sixflags, the last one is Disney California Adventure and Disneyland. I count Disney California Adventure and Disneyland as one theme park because they are located in the same place and belonged to the same company. It was so tiring but that’s the point; study hard in Green River, play hard in Los Angeles.

In Disney California Adventure and Universal Studios

On our last day, three of my GRCC friends went to Canyon Lake Drive to take a picture with the famous Hollywood Sign. The others and I were so tired so we went to an Italian Restaurant and have our lunch.

And Summer break is over, it’s time for Summer quarter.

Have a great Summer Quarter in Green River Community College!


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