University of Washington: Keraton 2014

Have you ever tried Indonesian foods? Or do you miss the taste of Indonesia? Well, I would say that Keraton is be the best event that offer Indonesian foods. Keraton is an event that was held in University of Washington. The purpose of the event is to make people feel Indonesian culture through foods and performance.

There were foods by Bumbu Truck (Tiga Dara), Indo Cafe, Waroeng Jajanan, Rajawali, Malay Satay Hut, Le Reve Sweets (macarons), and sponsors. There were Nasi Padang, Lontong Cap Gomeh, Gado-gado, Kue Putri Salju, Martabak Manis, Kue Lupis, Es Kopyor and so many more.

Top: Sate Kambing, Sate Padang Middle: Mie Bakso, Es Cendol Bottom: Indonesian Snacks

The event is even more exciting with a performance by Green River Indonesian Students! We performed Tari Piring (Plate Dance) and our performance was really breathtaking that people there stop and watch our unique show. Also, none of the dancers drop the plate, which is a good thing!

Meet Tari Piring Dancers from Green River CC who performed for Keraton 2014.

Red (left-right): Medi, Stevania, Merry, Hanna, Felly, and Jessica. White (left-right): Andrea, Gaby, Ivania, Jessica, Ryan, Revanda, and Justin.
Snapshots of the performance

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