Sport Stacking Tournament

image (3)Don’t know what to do on the weekend? Do you want to do something more than hang out at the mall? Is it raining and too cold outside to do outdoor activities?


This happened to me couple weeks ago and I decided to do something different. I went to Auburn High School. They were hosting an event called sport stacking tournament. It was a national championship under the World Sport Stacking Association. The participants in this tournament had to stack the cups to some specific patterns and there were rules on how to up and down stack the cups. Their performance was measured in how fast they were able to finish each pattern.

On this tournament, I was volunteering as a judge. I had to decide whether their time was valid. This was determined by how they stacked it up and down. Their time will be invalid if they did a mistake and did not correct it. At first, I thought it would be hard to be a judge on a big tournament. But John, the representative from Auburn High School who was in charge for this tournament, came to Green River Community College couple weeks before the event to explain the rules and do some simulations. It helped me a lot as a newbie on this tournament.

This was a very exciting volunteer event I have ever been. It was fun to watch the participants excitement in competing against time and other participants. This was also my first time trying to be a judge on the Sport Stacking Tournament, which I just knew for couple weeks. This volunteer event gave me opportunity to learn about new things. This was what I did on my cold and rainy weekend. What did you do on your weekend?

image (1)
Megan Evans (advisor of Phi Theta Kappa) tried to stack the cup.
We took picture with the USA sport stacking team.
We took picture with the USA sport stacking team.
Happy faces of the winners!

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