Ski and Snowboard Trip


One of the most exciting things about studying abroad in a country that truly has four seasons is experiencing new climates. Snow in the winter is a new sight for someone like me from Indonesia. For those of you who come from a tropical country like I do, this might be a good opportunity to have a snowball fight, make a snowman and of course take lots of pictures and show it to your friends in your home country to make them jealous. This winter I chose to go skiing for the first time. The Student Life Office in Green River Community College arranges a few ski and snowboard trips each year to Crystal Mountain, the largest ski resort in Washington State.


On January 18th, we went to Crystal Mountain Ski Resort early in the morning. The sun was shining and it was a nice day to be in the mountains. After we got our ski gear set up, we headed for the chair lift. For most of us, this was our first time skiing. This was my first time skiing too and I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I did not know how to move in skis and I was stuck for a moment. Luckily, I have friends who know how to ski well. He taught me that I have a ski pole that will help me to move forward, make a ‘pizza’ shape when going down the hill to slow down, how to turn left and right. At first it was really hard, I fell down couple of times, but I did not give up. After several hours, I became better and skiing became more enjoyable for me.




To make the day complete, we went up to the mountain using the gondola to see the breathtaking view of Mount Rainier. At 14,400 feet elevation Mt. Rainier is the second tallest mountain in the 48 continuous United States. It is a perfect spot for taking pictures with your friends. Overall, my skiing experience was great fun (besides my body being sore from falling and using muscles I did not know I had). I breathed fresh mountain air, took in the amazing views, laughed a lot with my friends and created lasting memories of my first skiing experience.  If you choose to study in Washington State, I encourage you to try new things like skiing, and enjoy the snow!



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