A trip to the Seattle Aquarium

Living near the largest body of water on Earth provides Green River Community College students with certain benefits, a stellar public aquarium being one of them.  On Friday, July 19th, a large group of Green River  students went up to Seattle to check out some of our local wet friends from the Puget Sound, as well as animals from oceans and rivers across the globe.  Students were able to observe aquatic curiosities such as trained sea lions, lazy anemone, and playful river otters, as they walked through the colorful and informative exhibits.  Those who attended the zoo-led demonstrations were also treated to a show, in the form of lunchtime for the slimy octopus.

After beholding all of these delights, students had extra time to enjoy downtown Seattle.  Some walked along the pier, while others took the opportunity to visit Seattle’s world-famous Pike Place Public Market.  All in all, it was a fantastic trip, to a fantastic location, with fantastic students!

This trip to the Seattle Aquarium was sponsored by International Programs at Green River Community College.

Green River students outside Seattle Aquarium
Green River students outside Seattle Aquarium

It is one of many great activities planned for our students throughout this summer.  Stop in at the Student Life Office to see the other fun events we have arranged for you!


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