Event: Kayaking Tour

By Sophia Wei

On the Saturday when Seattle was blessed with the splendid sunshine, a group of students from Green River Community College went on a kayak tour at Alki beach.

Our students were warmly welcomed right away when we arrived to our destination.  After listening to the instructions, putting on lifejacket, making sure everything was all set, we embarked on our journey on the sea.

Time to put on our lifejackets and get ready!
Time to put on our lifejackets and get ready!

A lot of us didn’t have any experience of kayaking so it took us some time to figure out how to control the kayaks.  The wind was blowing so strong which made it harder to control the kayak.  After paddling for a while and getting use to the waves, all of us looked like sailors conquering the tide and wind.

The weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.  The city Seattle could be seen clearly and the view on the sea was just amazing.  There are boats crossing the river occasionally when we were kayaking.  After putting a lot of effort, we finally got the point where we could catch a glimpse of Mount Rainer, the highest mountain in Washington.

Say 'cheese'!
Say ‘cheese’!
Are you ready?!
Are you ready?!

After some of us got out of water, being exhausted, we grabbed the snacks and water to sustain the energy and sat on the grass to rest while waiting for others to come back.

The next destination is downtown Seattle.  Everyone was tired and hungry.  It was the perfect time for us to get food.  Some of us went to International district and some of us went to Starbucks.  Breaking the rules that Seattle always rain, the city was even more attractive under the clear blue sky of 80 degree Fahrenheit.

The moments on the sea still linger in my mind on the way back home.  The adventure on the water was definitely thrilling and unforgettable.


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