Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna

By Marie Svensson (from Sweden)

On February 22nd, Green River Community College’s Student Life Center organized an event to go see Cirque Du Soleil and their show “Amaluna”. Many times throughout the years I have wondered what this show was all about; these spectacular stories and tricks they do, there was no other choice for me than to take the opportunity to go. I signed up for this event the first day it was possible because I knew it was going to be difficult to get a spot later on.

So the day came and I have to say I was quite excited. The moment we got there it was possible to get some food, snacks and beverages before the show started. While standing there, my friends and I also got to see a proposal. A man went down on one knee to his girlfriend and asked her to marry him, and gladly, she said yes!

As we found our seats and sat down I took a good look around to see their choice of lightning and the art of the stage, which was not a regular flat round stage. It was earth colored with some kind of pattern, it was also moving and turning to make it easier for the audience to see everything. The lights were not the hard spotlights that circuses usually have but they were plants where spotlights had been put in big flowers. That made the whole feeling a bit cozier so to speak. The stage was round and smaller than I expected I was wondering how they would fit everything on there and thought several times the performers would fall off.

The show started off with a clown, who told a story, which I had a hard time understanding at first, but as it got towards the ending I understood. When the big performances like juggling, girls flying around in big hula-hoops in the air, a big bowl filled with water with a water show, and guys jumping up and down doing tricks on a see saw; my jaw was dropped to the ground for the entire show. Cirque Du Soleil really puts a lot of effort and thought in all their performances with the songs sung and music played. It was all live, and that is what makes everything even more spectacular. Since this was the first time I have seen one of their shows I was amazed.

Unfortunately the audience was not allowed to take photos, not even during the intermission. But that is what I like about it, you are there in the moment, taking in what they are doing, understanding the story and all the work they have put in to it. It will all be in my memory  instead of  photos or videos; I will have to go see it again if I want to relive the show. And believe me, I will.


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