A Journey to the East Coast: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hello once again!

If you haven’t read the previous post, well, then I recommend that you click here to read it.

Continuing on where we ended yesterday, after the Harvard tour, my uncle and I headed to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their info session and tour. Now, MIT has a different feel compared to Harvard. MIT is around 150 years younger than Harvard, so MIT had more modern buildings, which upset me quite a bit because I love the buildings in Harvard… they look like castles to me. MIT also seemed to be in more of an industrial area whereas Harvard was more of a residential area. The cool thing about Harvard and MIT though, is that they’re just 10 minutes away if you take the train and 25 minutes away if you walk. Being in Cambridge just makes me feel so smart ‘cause I’m surrounded with all these amazing people! Another plus side to Harvard and MIT is that they allow you to take classes from both institutions. For instance, if you’re a Harvard student, you can also take classes in MIT and vice versa. Therefore, you can get the best of both worlds.

The info session at MIT was totally different from Harvard’s. The admissions officer led the info session, and unlike the students leading the session at Harvard, he was wearing rather formal clothes. The students who led the tour afterwards also wore uniforms. For me, it just showed how MIT is more of a structured and orderly college, or as I like to say it… it’s nerdier. Not nerdy in a bad way though.

MIT had the same financial aid system as Harvard, so if you get accepted into MIT, they will make sure that you have enough money to pay the tuition. One thing from MIT that I thought was different from other universities was that they have this General Institution Requirement (GIT), but being the technology school they are, the GIT is basically comprised of Math and Sciences.

After the info session, we continued it with the campus tour. I previously said that MIT seemed sort of nerdy, but hang on, because they’re a fun college too. My tour guide explained to us about the hacks at MIT. MIT hacks are basically pranks the students pull off. The cool thing about these pranks is that they are usually very cool and elaborate pranks. There was one time when somehow, MIT students managed to place a police car on top of the famous MIT dome in just one night. Unfortunately for the police, they had to take 2 to 3 days to figure out how to get the police car back on the ground! She said that MIT students have pulled so many complicated pranks that the college has made a law that if the students are to pull any more elaborate pranks; they have to leave instructions on how to undo the prank. I’m not sure about you, but I found this hilarious!

The famous MIT building!

(PS: The MIT students put the police car right on top of that dome.)

The MIT students also pulled a hack whereby they somehow modified the windows of the building so that from afar, it looks like the building is a tetris board! Isn’t that amazing?

(PS: This is the building they played tetris on. Sorry about the head.)

So that’s all from today. I will continue tomorrow with my thoughts on Brown University, and the day after, I’ll talk about Columbia University. See you guys soon!


I’m sure those of you who go on the internet a lot will recognize this cat ;)

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