Summer Bucket List

It seems like summer quarter has just started, but in a week from now, we would have finished our final exams and then comes the holiday! A huge majority of us international students would have already booked a flight back home, and I’m sure that all of you are excited to meet your family and friends. But what about those of us who aren’t going home? Whether you’re staying here because you want to or because you have to, don’t worry, because it’s going to be a fun packed holiday! Our parents have sent us to the States to get the best education that we can, and not many people are actually fortunate enough to go through the same experience that we have. America is a big country and there are loads of things to do and loads of people to meet. Hence, while we’re here, why not make the most out of it?


As I’ve said before, America is huuuuuge. Outside of Washington State, there are 49 other different states to explore. Usually, students will travel during the one-week break before spring and summer quarter, but hey, we have one whole month of holiday, so it’s the perfect time to go travelling. Popular destinations include: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Victoria BC. Also, while going on vacation, it would be the perfect time to go and look at some universities!

(Trip to Portland in June!)
(Visiting University of Washington)


Something that will definitely impress is having a list of awards and s
cholarships on your resume. People think that getting scholarships are hard; and yes, you will be competing with other people, especially if it’s a huge scholarship. People think that only the “smarty-pants” and overachievers get scholarships, but here’s the catch: sometimes, scholarships are chosen by overworked staff who, by chance, have been handed the task to choose a winner from a small pool of students. Moreover, there’s bound to be some students who don’t even apply correctly. Therefore, if you take enough time to carefully apply, you might actually be able to win some scholarships. They might be small ones, but if you can gather a bunch of them, it will still look impressive!


A lot of times, during the quarter, we students are just simply overwhelmed by homework and assignments that we don’t actually have time to volunteer. Yet, doing a lot of volunteering can also increase your chances of being admitted into a good university. That’s why summer holiday is an excellent time to go out there and help other people. Plus, who knows, you might also meet people who share the same passion as you.

(Easter volunteering)


When you’re doing things you like, things seem to pass by so fast. For me personally, I’ve made it my goal to learn how to play guitar over the holiday. I was impressed by my cousin who learned finger style guitar just by watching someone on Youtube, and so I thought, if he can do it, why can’t I? And I don’t just want to be able to play the guitar; I want to play the guitar better than anyone else I know. And although this will take time, I am hoping that at least by the end of the break, I would have at least impressed my closest friends. Being able to do at least one thing better than your friends can actually boost your self-esteem, so not only will you spend your summer productively, it’ll also get you in the mood for the next quarter.


There are loads of places you can visit in the Seattle area in which at the same time, you’ll be able to learn something new. Maybe visit the Seattle Flight Museum and learn something about aeronautical stuff. Or maybe go to the EMP Museum and learn something about Nirvana. Who knows, these type of knowledge might come in handy somewhere. Perhaps knowing something about art history could help you impress other people.

(Pike Place Market)

So, that’s all from me, folks! Finals are coming, so I wish you all the best of luck. Cheers!

– Indira.



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