Culture Shock – Part 5

This is the last blog-post in the “Culture Shock” series. Click the following links to look at the first, second, third and fourth posts!

No #9: Public Restrooms

“Ew!” That’s literally the most famous vocabulary used in Indonesian public restrooms. They are absolutely filthy, I swear. What’s more is that the floor is usually wet, which is disgusting because there’s always that fear that the water originated from the toilet. There’s also always going to be at least one cubicle where you can pee while squatting. I never find this in America, so I guess only Indonesians pee while squatting.

Oh, one more thing. You know how in Indonesia, in next to the toilet, there’s always this hose either on your left or your right which you can use to clean yourself after using the toilet. In America you use toilet paper, but in Indonesia we use water.

No #10: Pets

Guess what? Dogs are glorified in the US. Try taking a stroll to the park and I bet you, you will find people walking with their dog(s). First of all, in Indonesia, people are scared of dogs! I’m not exactly sure why, but one of the reasons is probably because the majority of Indonesians are Muslims, and for Muslims, dogs are impure, so they never touch dogs. On the other hand, nearly everybody owns a dog here! You know how dogs like to jump and lick you when they meet you? Well, Americans would let that happen to them, but in Indonesia? I don’t think so.

So, what do you guys think? If you guys have any stories to share with us, please feel free to leave a comment below!




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