Memorable experience in GRCC

Hello guys,

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you had a fun time with your mom and family yesterday :)

It has been a long time ~ How are you doing lately? Any decision to come to GRCC for your next step? Well, we’re here to help you success for your future and we are here, open our arms as wide as possible, welcome you to join our community. GRCC are not only superior with its education programs and study environment, it also rich with its students extracurricular activities. We are currently working on a video (It is an interesting video for sure!) and not long from now, I promise that I will upload it somewhere, so you can have a chance to know the students activities in GRCC deeper.

Like what I mentioned before, my club, Indonesian Students Organization, just held a Sport Tournament in last 2 week. It was very successful. There were a lot people participate in it, more than 170 of students and non-students. It was very crowded and full with “sport” atmosphere. It was like a “world cup” in GRCC, where the crowd cheers lively for the teams. It is pretty amazing to see something that we planned from scratch went well into a solid and thriving event. Yeah, that’s why we are here, to make things happen!

One of the Winner ^^ 3 on 3 Champion

. . . “Come to have fun with us!!!”

Happy Family!

. . .

Sad to say that I am about to transfer soon, however, I hope that ISO under the management of new batch of officers, can coordinate more interesting and meaningful events that can make our life in GRCC colorful.

See ya

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