A Hectic Quarter . . .


I am back! It has been so long that I didn’t update this blog. Well, there are reasons for that… This quarter is the busiest quarter ever! As the president of a club, having 4 classes, working as international student marketing assistant, plus applying to several universities… All these happen at the same time? … This is very challenging. However, this quarter is the most fruitful and happiest quarter that I ever had, because I learned a lot from the experiences and I have a lot of memorable memories.

On March 2, 2012, my club, ISO, organized a Singing Contest 2012! The objective of this event is to encourage positive competition between student in GRCC and give a chance for individuals to show their talents to the community around the campus. A week before this event, we coordinated an audition for the both contestants and performers. Wow! This was so amazing. There was 22 contestant and performer showed up. We were so touched by the talents of both students and non-students.

Finally, the day had came – ISO Singing Contest 2012! There were around 170 of people participating in our event. And it turned out very succeful. Here are some pictures that I want to share with you:

The best Soloist !
The best Group !
Group Photo
ISO Group Photo

The video of the Singing Contest will be up soon! You can visit our Facebook to enjoy it ^.- Furthermore, we’ll hold a Sport Tournament in the Spring Quarter! Yay! Come and join the tournament, and win the prizes! 

Spring Sport Tournament!!!
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