Hi! I am Tienneke…

Hello . . .

Hi, this is my first greeting for you guys!!! How’s life going? I am so excited since this is my very first time to write a blog and share my experiences in public! I hope that we will have a great time sharing our experiences.

Well, first of all, I think I need to introduce myself to you. My name is Tienneke Tjiang. I come from Makassar, Indonesia. Here is a little bit about my background (This is a pretty unique circumtance though): I had my education in Malaysia since I was seven, which means I grew up and spent most of my time in Malaysia. However, this doesn’t affect my love for TANAH AIR KU – Indonesia. So, it is pretty obvious that I am not that familiar with education system in Indonesia, BUT I am familiar with Green River Community College education system!!! If you have any problems regarding GRCC, feel free to contact me at ttjiang@greenriver.edu . I will do my very best to answer your questions or find other experts in the field to help you out.

I came to GRCC at the Spring Quarter 2010. It has been almost two years that I spent my time in this beautiful and peaceful campus. And now…I am preparing for my application for a four year university. Hopefully, I can transfer  this Fall =) Well, there is a lot of things I need to deal with this quarter, such as my personal statements and application process, my club – Indonesian Students Organization, and my course work. Phew~it is pretty hectic ! But…I need to overcome it no matter what.

Lets talk about it one by one ^^

So, all the universities (that I intend to apply to) have a dealine that is approaching! I need to fill up the school forms, write personal statements, get the school reports/transcripts, call the universities, get TOEFL test done…and last but not least is to send all the requirements to the universities!

 …  …

Furthermore, I am busy managing the Indonesian Students Organization. It is a club that I established in Winter 2010 and the GOALS are to unite and give a sense of togetherness to the Indonesian students at GRCC, to promote the uniqueness of our Indonesian culture, and to give students an opportunity to develop their leaderships skills and personal integrity. Our membership is not limited to Indonesians only =)

  • We currently hold 79 members.
  • We welcome everybody who is interested in joining our club.
  •  We did a lot of fun stuff in the past, such as sports tournament, welcoming party, gathering dinner, outing, culture fair, and the list goes on.
  • Of course, we also come out with more interesting events in the future!!!

Here are some photos that I would like to share with you.

Sport Tournament: Indoor Soccer & BasketBall


Welcoming parties





Culture Fairs


There are more…You can also have a tour about ISO through http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/370546608625/ Check it out!

Well, now it seems like a very long blog =p

I gotta stop here for now but I will be back! I will tell you more about what I do for fun at GRCC and our upcoming events. O.^

See you in the next page ~


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2 thoughts on “Hi! I am Tienneke…

  1. Tienneke,

    nama saya Ruslina, saya punya indo catering. melalui anda, bisa bantu minta tolong, ada grup email atau website utk anak indo yg sdg belajar di grcc, yg saya bisa hubungi? supaya saya bisa kirimkan menu makanan.

    terima kasih atas bantuannya yah!

    1. Halo,

      Anda bisa ke FB ISO (Indonesian Students Organization) then, leave a comment about your catering. Hope it can help ^^


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