Winter Break :D

After every full & tiring quarter at GRCC, there’ll always be a chance for you to refresh your mind and soul before starting a new one. Last winter break was one of those opportunity. Fall quarter ended on Dec 8th and Winter quarter is starting today, January 4th 2012, so we got quite a long gap between the two quarters. A lot of my friends went home to their homecountry, but there are quite a number of people who stayed in the US and traveled across the nation.

US is an excellent place to travel, every side of the country has its uniqueness. From major cities we’ve heard zillion times being mentioned on a movie like New York or Los Angeles, to a smaller city (but still big) yet contains historical stories like Nashville *the home of country music*.

A month break seems to be a lengthy time, especially when I’m not going home over the break. Since I wasn’t planning to die of boredom at my room, I planned lots of stuff to do during the break. Starting from a closer place like Mount Rainier National Park to a road trip to California with some of my friends :D

Mount Rainier is a beautiful place to go. It’s about one hour and a half by car from Auburn. It’s worth all the travel, well, it wasn’t a really long trip anyway, hehe. Everything was white, the way snow covers every pine trees was indescribable :o
Soooo white and prettyyyy :)

Yay, that’s me.  Haha

We met this cute little foxy on the mountain :3

Next post is gonna be all about how great California is. Stay tune :D

PS: Pictures above were taken by one of my friend, Frian Mardhani, he’s a talented photographer who also goes to GRCC :D

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