SAT Test!

I’ve got SAT Test this Saturday and I’m so nervous about it! For those who don’t know what that is, SAT is a standardized test in USA which needs to be taken by high school senior students (or community college students) for university admission consideration. When you’re transferring out from a community college, some universities ask for the score of your SAT. In my case, I need the score to finish my high school diploma (I’m in the high school completion program) and a transfer admission consideration for some universities I’ll be applying to soon :-)

Shortly, the test will be on this Saturday, and I’m soooo not ready! Ouch. I borrowed a SAT book preparation from the school library but haven’t got a chance to even open the first page. The first couple weeks of school have gone ways busier than what I expected and I barely get a chance to do any extra studies. I will need to at least be prepared for the upcoming test starting from today (tho I’ve another Calculus quiz tomorrow). I’ll give an update soon after I have my brain rested this Saturday!

Well, hope everyone’s having a great week!! Write sooooon

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