Spread the Love!

“Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.” -Victor Hugo

Love can be expressed in many ways. A mother’s hug, a warning from your dad, a kiss from your sweetheart, or even an apple from a kindergarden student to his/her teacher – are all expressions of love and care.

Valentine’s day is a special day that is known and sometimes celebrated almost all around the world. It is dated on 14th of February every year, and is a day celebrating love and affection for couples, family and friends.

On this lovey-dovey day,  lovers express their love for each other by exchanging cards, flowers, sweets and confectionary. Valentine’s day is also a great day for a boy to ask a girl he likes out :P Soooo romantic!!

Well, this Valentine’s day I bought chocolates and gave them to some of my closest friends!!! I always enjoy the feeling of sharing sweets and yummy chocolate to my buddies! On the other hand I also received a tulip from my lovely advisor, Abbie :) and also a few chocolates :p tee hee.

Hope that everybody had a wonderful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day this year! :*

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