Oh Canada

Do you know what’s so great about studying in the United States?

TRAVELING of course!

Downtown Vancouver
University of British Columbia

After a year of attending Greenriver Community College, I met many new friends that I find to be very nice and helpful in many ways. After months, days and hours getting to know each other, we have decided to go on a trip to Canada, since it is soooooo close to Seattle! :p You will just need to go up north and drive around 4 hours and you will be arriving in Canada!

My friends (who consist of people from Indonesia, China and Hong Kong) and I then started planning a short trip to Canada. Our plan was basically to go there to have a Culinary Trip – since Vancouver is famous for it’s tasty asian foods! And oh, how we all miss our home country’s foods soo much :( We all then went to make a Canadian Visa, which only took about a day to do, in Downtown Seattle. And we went straight to Vancouver the next day :p.

Fortunately, one of my friend’s uncle lives in Redmond, B.C, a city in Canada. So we were lucky since he got to show us some good view from Canada and also… GOOD FOOD >< hehe. One dish that I found to be very-very interesting yet a bit scary was when we got to taste BEAR’S MEAT… It was cooked like beef. It’s meat was surprisingly very tender and quite delicious, but I still can’t imagine munching on a bear’s meat, a scary carnivore in the wild…

Other than eating delicious foods non stop, we also went shooting in a shooting range and visited one of the best universities in Canada, University of British Columbia (or also known as UBC).

Shooting Range

Canada was definitely a place where I’d like to visit again next time. Despite it’s nice environment, clear & fresh air, and also many places there that I have no time to visit! Victoria and Whistler are two beautiful cities in Canada that I really want to visit :) Victoria famous for its gorgeous flowers and Whistler for Skiing! Can’t wait for that day to come!


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