Fall Orientation Days and CORE!

BACK TO SCHOOL EVERYBODY! Hours spent reading text books, doing homework, going to classes, meeting old and new friends :), and of course having fun! Nevertheless, things may be DIFFERENT for new students who are just coming in to study in our college, and things would be more scarier and anxious when we are talking about new international students, who just first came to the United States of America without their parents! Can you imagine how scary that would be? Not knowing what to do; confused about going to classes – where to go, what to buy;  meeting strangers and unfriendly people… that would be a nightmare!

But no worries! That is why the International Programs staff and the Peer Volunteers are here! :D

For a week before the quarter starts, GRCC provides special orientation days especially made for new international students to get to know the campus and the people in it :). Peer Volunteers are international students in GRCC that give their time to come to these orientation days to help out new students while at the same time also welcoming them to the GRCC Community :). The International Programs give special workshops and presentations about studying in the USA – not only about the grades, but also on how to become a better student as a whole – pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

After many workshops and activities, the new students of GRCC are also recommended to join the CORE Camp. This is a special event where students are gathered and go on an overnight camp with all the other new students as well as some seniors, where there they will have campfire, games, sports, and activities that will help the students get to know each other and be more comfortable and secure about living in the United States!

After one week of the orientation, surprisingly I too also got to know SOOOO MANY new friends, and everybody is just lovely and so nice. I got to know new people from my own country Indonesia, as well  as Japan, Korea, China, Hongkong, Bulgaria, India, and so much more! Thank you International Programs and our bright and yellow Peer Volunteers for making our Orientation days and CORE to be an unforgettable moment! >:D


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