Summer Break – Home Sweet Home

As you all might have or not known, Green River Community College (as well as other colleges/institutions around the Washington area, mostly.) follows the quarterly system for their school! Hence, here our studies follow along with the 4 seasons during the year – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter “quarters” :). I have been here for almost a year now… and I AM MISSING HOME SOOOOO SOOOO BADLY >< !!! I miss my family and friends, my house, my dogs, my back garden, the malls in Indonesia, and of course… the foooood hehehe. Hence, I have decided that after finishing my Summer Quarter, I will go back home to spend my 4 weeks holiday back home :)

Nasi padang =9 (an Indonesian cuisine)
Bali - Indonesia

It was such a blessing for me to be able to meet again with my whole family, I miss them soooooo much. I love my parents and my little brother and sister so much, and I was so happy to finally be able to be around them again for 3 weeks :) Almost all international students go back home to their countries after a year studying in GRCC, they went back home to Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more.

Actually, we have exactly a month to spend our days in our home country. Nevertheless, it was a different case for me and several other students. Some students (who work in the International Programs Office or are Peer-volunteers) need to go back a week earlier to Seattle, because we are going to be helping out with the new students orientation for Fall 2010 :D hehhe.

So, it was “See you soon” and “Take Care” for my family and friends. It was definitely not a goodbye since we will see each other again soon next year :) Or maybe earlier!!


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