A year has passed, looking forward for another exciting year in GRCC :)

I have been attending GreenRiver Community College for a year now :) AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3

My first arrival here in GRCC was a very special day, it was last year, on the day 09/09/09 =p you can even tell from the date that it was a very extraordinary day. So there we were, in the airport, all very nervous and excited and the same time, waiting upon our arrival to Sea-Tac Airport in the state of Washington.

Everyone keeps saying… how GRCC is located in such a place that is so rural and is in the middle of no where – with trees everywhere, and so forth. Apparently, this statement is definitely incorrect. GRCC is located in a city in Washington state that is called Auburn – and actually, Auburn has its own downtown area, malls, grocery shops and restaurants. Actually, if you compare Auburn to other areas such as Shoreline or Bellevue, they are too located in areas at which are more individual and it would take approximately an hour (by bus) for us to reach the city of Seattle from all three areas. Personally, I enjoy the Greenriver area since it is very peaceful, green =D , and the community and environment is just oh-so-friendly!!

I have been through SOOOO MANY EXPERIENCES here in GRCC. And all these experiences have become very important lessons that I have learnt to go through life. From being independent, responsible, hard-working, patient, creative, flexible, open-minded, courageous, and outgoing. I learned, and WILL keep on learning these lessons through the classes I take here in GRCC, registering for those classes, meeting new classmates/host families/room mates/work colleagues/’real’ best friends, doing your own chores, cleaning your room:p, cooking by yourself, and sooo many more. It has just been a joyful happening for me, this one whole year that I have stayed here in GRCC – and oh, I could not even recall how many wonderful people I have met and befriended here in this campus. I am definitely looking ahead for another great year ahead here in Green River Community College :)

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