Memorial Day

It was Monday and it was a holiday. Isn’t that great!!! :)

It is a Memorial Day. I’m sure you never heard of this day before. Well, me neither until I came here. ^^

Memorial Day is  a day of remembrance for those who have died in service for the United States ( It sounds sad and patriotic, but it seems like the people here don’t really celebrate this day. Instead, i think they took it as a family day. When I went to one of the shopping centre nearby, I saw a lot of families with their children everywhere. The shopping centre was very crowded, even more crowded than on Saturday or Sunday. I could also see the sale sign on almost every store. Businesses seems to have taken this day as a chance to attract consumers to buy their products.

I was benefited from this too. I bought a lot of souvenirs for my family. It’s just two weeks more before I graduate and I’ll be back in Indonesia. So it was a good day for shopping. :p


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