Cheese tasting!!!

Last winter quarter, my French held a pastry tasting day and today, we had a cheese tasting day. There are various types of cheese brought by each student. We ate the cheeses along with French Bread and orangina (French brand of orange soda). It was my breakfast and was a good one. ^^ Yummy!!

Cheese is one of French’s specialist food. They have various kinds of cheese that I have never known before like brie, camembert, roquefort, l’oignon, etc. I thought that almost every cheese taste the same, but in the class today, I came to know that they are not. I like camembert. It’s not too salty or cheesy. I like l’oignon too. It’s like the butter for garlic bread, but it taste more like cheese than butter. But, I don’t like roquefort and brie. Roquefort has the smell of raw milk and the taste is very strong. Brie looks almost like camembert but it taste stronger.

Anyway,it has been a great experience. Now, I know more different type of cheese and not just mozarella, cheddar or pepper jack. :)


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