Another Acceptance Letter – USC

Hi everyone,

Finally I got another acceptance letter and this time it’s from USC!!! A very unexpected letter…So here is the story…

I was still in my introduction to law class when my friend, who is also my housemate, called and told me that I got a package from USC. I was surprised. I was not expecting it, I mean not this early. The decision is suppose to come in early June, but it is only early May now. Moreover, my friend said that it was a package and not an envelope. People say that if it is a package, then for sure it is an acceptance letter. So I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to get home as soon as possible.

Once I was home, I opened the package and there it was my acceptance letter. :) I was very happy that I got accepted into both of the universities I want. Now, I just need to choose which university I really want to attend. But choosing is even harder. Both universities have their own good and bad side. I’m afraid that I will make the wrong decision. I will need to think about this again. I’ll update you all with my decision next time. See you!! :D


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