Acceptance Letter

It’s the beginning of May and it’s the time for university decisions.

Just yesterday, I was so happy and surprise !!!! I got an email from University of Texas – Austin and it said that I’ve been accepted to the university. This is such a shocking news for me. UT has been known to be a tough university to get in and to be accepted there is such an honor for me. I am glad that all my hard work that I’ve put in all this year was not a waste. All the time that I’ve contribute for volunteering, studying and working have finally paid off. I am happy that I’ve decided to come to GRCC and pursue my education here. With the help that I’ve got from my advisor, the tutoring center, and instructors, I finally can be where I am right now. I’m very grateful for all their helps. Now, I trully am sure that I’ve made the right decision by coming here.

Also, yesterday is my birthday. So this is like the best birthday present I’ve ever got. :D

I am still waiting for 2 more universities. I’ll update more once I got in. Hopefully I got accepted too (crossing my finger). Wish me luck!!! ^^


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