It’s Saturday….another weekend full of fun…

This time, we went to KC Crusader (around Auburn area) for paintballing…There are around 20+ people…However, only my 2 friends and I are girls…Anyway, it was still a fun day…

We went there at around 10 am in the morning…My brother used to play this before in my home country, but, I never try before…I thought we were going to be given the clothes to protect our body just like in Indonesia…Turned out, we were not given any clothes…We have to use our own clothes…I was using a thin clothes that day which is not suitable for paintballing at all…Fortunately, the people there do rent clothes…We paid $35 and this include everything: the field (and since there are 20+ of us, we can use private field), the gun, and the paint…The price also include playing for the whole day…So it was very cheap…

During the game, we split into two groups…It was fun…like you are in a war although the bullet is in the form a paint…But still, it hurts if you got shot…During the first two games, my team lost…The weather is not very supportive too…One moment it was sunny, the other moment it was raining…It was weird…But it was fun…We played till about 2pm…Exhausted, dirty and smelly because of the mud, we packed up and went home…

That night, after we cleaned up and everything, we went to a Japanese Buffet Restaurant. My friend has recommended that to us. They said that the food there is very delicious and it has a lot of stand. That was right. The restaurant has everything: dim sum, sushi, udon, chinese food, seafood and also dessert. It was also very crowded. We have to wait for about 30 minutes before we got a seat… However, the food worth the wait…^.^


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