My Piano Class!!!

Hi everyone….Spring quarter has started and I am so excited. I am taking piano class this quarter. Finally, after all these years, I could learn piano. I’ve been wanting to learn it since I was a child, but I have never got the chance. Now, that I could choose my own class, I got to learn it. ^^

It’s fun. The teacher is also very kind. Although the class is mostly practicing the piano yourself, for me, this is a great chance to learn what I have been wanting to learn. Also, although I don’t know anything about music, I could still follow the class. The teacher adjust the class to each student’s level, so I don’t have to worry for not being able to catch up in the class. I have never been able to read notes before, but now I can. I am so excited. I hope I’m going to do well in this class and can continue learning piano in the future. =D


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