Vancouver Trip!!!

Before the end of my spring quarter, I went to vancouver to spend the weekend. It was nice there. The weather is also very favourable. It’s neither raining nor sunny. It’s somewhat in the middle which make it extremely pleasant.

My friends and I went there by train (Amtrak) on Friday. The journey was about 3-4 hours. We arrived at around 12 o’clock in the afternoon. My friend has a friend that studied in Vancouver and he took us around throughout our trip. Vancouver is a great city. There are a lot of shopping places and restaurants. There are also a lot of small boutiques. If you go to the downtown area, you could find a lot of asian people. Even most of the restaurants around are asian food. It’s like a very metropolitan city.

There is also Stanley park. It was like NY’s Central Park, but this one is even bigger. At night, the view of the city from the park is very beautiful. Unfortunately I can’t capture the beautiful view with my camera. It can only be seen with our own eyes. The Granville Island public market is also nice to visit. You can taste their local specialties there and enjoy them outside while enjoy the harbor view.      



We also visit Richmond which was like totally Chinatown. The mall were filled with stores from Asia and there were a lot of chinese restaurants as well. We went to eat dim sum and it was very much like the one in Hong Kong. It was very good that my friends order too much and we have to make them to go. Anyway, it worth to try. ^^



 I also went to the suspension bridge. It was very high and strong as well. It could bear around 30 elephants (if I’m not wrong). So don’t worry about falling down. You are safe as long as you don’t jump while crossing it. ^^ The environment around there is also very relaxing. It was quiet and shadowy because of the trees around which make it pleasant for us to just walk and relax.


Unfortunately, I could not go to the Whistler mountain where the Winter Olympics 2010 was held. There was no enough time. However, overall, it was a very nice trip. We take our time and spent our day with joy.




  P.S: if you do visit Vancouver, don’t forget to try the japadog and went to 218 flavors store. They worth the trip. =D



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