New Student Orientation

 Spring Quarter is about to start…This means that more new international students are coming to the college. There are more than 50 new students that came for this spring quarter. They are from all over the world. A lot of them are from China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and many other Asian and European countries. I was very excited to welcome them.

Well, actually I didn’t really work with the students. Most of the time, I worked with their parents. I took them for presentation, campus tour and also local area tour while their children have their own orientation and placement test. However, it was still fun. I got to play mini golf with the parents and travel around the area so that they could be more familiar with the area we as students lived in.

For the new students, they usually will attend a orientation about university transfer, have lunch with the other students and the peer volunteers, and finally take the placement test. This is a very important test as this will decide which English and Mathematic classes the students need to take.



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