Final Week

Time fly so quickly that it’s final week again…Winter quarter has came to its end. I can’t believe this. There is just another quarter to spend before my graduation day!!!Yeeaayy..I’ll get my Associate degree in 3 months.

Anyway, this time the final week is quite easy for me. I only got 3 classes with finals so I could relax while studying. ^^ There are French, accounting presentation and chemistry. I’m done with my french and accounting presentation. There is just one more exam to go and this is the most difficult of all. But, I think it will not be too bad.  With one week holiday in my mind, I can finish the exam easily. =)

As the school cam to an end, the area has also became more deserted than usual. Especially today as most of the students were done with their exam and were heading to enjoy their holiday.


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