PTK Regional Conference Meeting

Yesterday, on Saturday, I went to PTK Regional Conference Meeting. It was a meeting where the PTK officers and members from different school come to meet and being recognized. It was a great trip as I could meet a lot of other students from different schools. I learned a lot from the conference. Especially as our PTK chapter has just started to become active, my friends and I got a lot of idea that we can apply in the chapter.

During the Conference, all the students also went for volunteer. We stuffed teddy bear with aquarium rocks and stitch them back. These bears are to be donated to a children hospital for hyperactive children. These heavy bear actually could help calming down their adrenaline so help them to remain calm. It was fun and cute and interesting. I liked it.

Beside volunteering, we also got the chance to go to an exhibition held by Medical Team International. This organization has helped a lot of people that suffer from natural disaster and war all over the world. Even when the Tsunami strucked Indonesia, they were there helping. The exhibition that I went to is called “Real Life” Exhibition. Here, the organization has put together different situation that represent the real life. There were room which look like Haiti, the war in IraQ, the different hospitals in Moldova, HIV/AIDS health care in Africa and even the model of the Tsunami wave in Indonesia. I was taken aback as I walked through the exhibition. It was very overwhelming. The environment in these countries were just too devastating. I was depressed. Unfortunately, I could not took photos in the exhibition so I could not show you how it looked like. After going through the exhibition, I felt useless. Although I know that there were a lot of people suffering in this world but I couldn’t do anything for them. This give me the spirit to improve the community around my own college. I want to try to do more for the society.

I was glad that I came to the conference. It was a very inspiring trip and a good experience.  That night, we also have an award ceremony. Our club got the second best newsletter and also certificate for reaching two star levels. We were happy and this show that we are one step closer to be a successful chapter. ^^


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