Xin Nian Kuai Le & Bon Saint Valentin!!!


Hi everyone!!! I would like to wish all of you:


I wish you all a happy, prosperous year and have a day full of love. Don’t forget to sho your love and care to your family and friends.

This day is one of the biggest celebration in US. Most of the families celebrate their valentine by giving chocolate and have dinner. My host family also gave me chocolate and a card. The atmosphere is just so pink (“lovely”). ^^

As this year valentine’s day is also lunar new year, our college also made a big celebration. They hired professional to perform the lion and dragon dance. The clubs on campus also worked together to make the event extravagant. This event was one of the biggest af all time. Well, that’s what I heard. I couldn’t go because I’ve made promise with my friends but if I got any picture of those, I will post them for sure!!

Anyway, have a wonderful wonderful day you all!! ^^


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