Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Phi Theta kappa is a honor society in community college. As members, we can help serve the community, benefitted in more scholarship opprtunities and also increase our connection. I’ve been a member since my second quarter and I am one of the public outreach officers. It’s been fun. Yesterday was our first meeting for winter quarter and we have arranged a lot of activities and volunteer opportunities.

We are goint to volunteer for school’s event, the Lunar New Year celebration. We are preparing recipes for PTK cookbook which will be published and which the profits will be used to make a new scholarship. In addition. I’ve been thinking of making a bake sale for which the profits will go as donation for the people in Haiti. The earthquake has been a devastating one. Haiti also didn’t have proper medical facilities and thus very difficult for people to survive. It is a very small island. Therefore, I think we need to give a hand and help them the best we can. Hopefully this could go well.

Wish me luck. =D


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