East Coast Trip – UPenn

Hi Everyone! I am now in Pennsylvania. I’ve came to visit UPenn.

Unlike NYU, UPenn looked more welcoming. The environment around is better; the buildings are not closed together and there is boundary between the city and the university area. But this doesn’t mean that the university is far away. There are stores all around the university area. There are American Eagle Outfitter, Sports Store, Bookstore and many more. The university is like located in the city but you can see the difference between the city itself and the university. Is it confusing??? lol! Anyway, my point is that I like the environment.

The Wharton Business School is also great. The building is modern and looked great. I could not get in because the campus tour session has end before I got there, but from the outside I could feel that UPenn is very prestigious. I really want to go to UPenn now. Hopefully I can get in. >.<

At the end of the visit, not to forget to buy a souvenir, I went to the bookstore and bought the Wharton Business School hoodie. Hopefully I could use it proudly in UPenn next fall. =D

Pictures will be available once I’m back!! :)


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