East Coast Trip – DC

Wow…….that’s the word to describe DC.

Wow the museums great. Wow the snow is beautiful though  horrible at the same time and wow!!! what an experience in the middle of blizzards.


That day when my friend and I were supposed to go to DC, there was a blizzard. All of our plans were ruined. The trip that should only took 4.5 hours turned out to be a 7 hours trip. The snow make the road very slippery and so the bus have to slow down. We arrived at DC chinatown but there was no transportation at all. We couldn’t find any running bus or even taxi. We are also very hungry and so we decided to drag our luggage to the nearest restaurant that opened.

After dinner, we tried to call every single taxi company in town but no one is answering. Even if they did answer, they did not want to send a taxi because of the snow. So, we decided to just walked with our luggage since my friend’s GPS showed that it’s only gonna take us around 15 minutes. However, my friends didn’t want ot use the GPS because of the snow; they are afraid that its gonna broke. So, we tried to ask people as we walked. It was just horrible. We walked for more than an hour searching for the hotel. The people around just don’t know where the hotel is and the hotel itself gave us the wrong direction. We went to the left and right and left and right… We walked blocks after blocks till finally we met a couple who showed us the right way. It was such an incredible night. We’ve been dragging our luggages in the middle of the snow; our hands are all freezing and red and we were all very tired. Luckily, we managed to arrived at the hotel and I was also happy as during the walked nobody complained of how tired they were. They all tried their best to find the right way to the hotel. This is the most incredible experince that I have ever had in my life. I couldn’t believe we actually survived. O.o


The next day, all of the museums were closed because of the snow. So we went to see the white house instead. We also walked around the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Memorial and took pictures from the outside of the monument. Since we have arrived and have been through a lot just to be in DC, the trip will not be worth it if we didn’t get into the museums and so we decided to stay for another night.



Today, we got into the air and space museum as well as the national museum of natural history. Its great inside. I got to see a lot of things that was shown in the movie Night at The Museum 2. I’m glad that we decided to extend our stay in DC. =D


Nt: my camera broke because of the snow….=(  So I don’t get to take pictures of the museum….


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