East Coast Trip – NY

Finally, I’m in New York. When I first step into NY, I don’t feel like I’m in NY already. The environment around is not like how it was shown in Gossip Girl or CSI or any other American movie that show the glamorous New York City. It is only in the Upper East Side that NY look glamorous. Nevertheless, NY is a city that never sleeps. My friends and I walked around Times Square that night till 11 pm and it was still very crowded. There was no sign that the shops around were closing down. Lights were everywhere and it didin’t look like it’s 11 pm already.  

The next day, we went to visit different universities. First is the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). One of my friends want to transfer to that school so we would like to have a look at it and attend the information session. The building was usual. There was nothing special to it. But the clothes designed by the students were great. I liked them. They all look professional. I’ve attached several pictures of them. Enjoy!




The nest university is NYU. It is a very good school for business and I used to be interested in it. I used to think of applying there but I decided not to because the tuition fees and the living costs are too expensive here. After I visited the university, I was even more convinced. The environment around NYU was so packed and didn’t look like a university. It’s difficult to explain but it’s just not the environment I want to be in.  

NY is a great city indeed. Although the other part of the city is not as glamour as Manhattan, we could find a lot of different places to visit, to eat, shop and just have fun. I’ve spent 2 days in NY and it’s just not enough. Well, I’ll be back to NY in a few days but now my trip is moving on to DC. ^^ 

 Here are several other picture I’ve taken while in NY. =D


Joe Shanghai’s “Xioa Long Bao” – DELI





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